Precision Crown Lifting

We specialise in precise crown lifting techniques to enhance the appearance, functionality, and safety of your trees. Our skilled arborists carefully assess each tree to determine the appropriate lifting strategy, taking into account factors such as tree species, size, and location.

Tailored Approach

We understand that each tree and property is unique, which is why we take a tailored approach to crown lifting. Whether your tree requires a minor lifting to improve clearance or a more significant lifting to address aesthetic or practical concerns, we'll develop a customised plan to meet your specific needs.

Improved Clearance and Access

Crown lifting involves the selective removal of lower branches to raise the canopy of the tree. This creates additional clearance and space beneath the tree, improving access for pedestrians, vehicles, and other structures. Our arborists prioritise strategic pruning cuts that enhance visibility, safety, and functionality while preserving the tree's natural form.

Health and Vigor

Crown lifting is not just about removing branches; it's about promoting the long-term health and vigour of your trees. By increasing airflow and sunlight penetration to the lower branches, we help stimulate new growth and improve overall tree vitality. Our arborists use careful pruning techniques to encourage strong, healthy branch development while minimising stress on the tree.

Careful Planning and Execution

Before undertaking any crown lifting work, our team conducts a comprehensive site assessment to evaluate the tree's condition and surrounding environment. We carefully plan the lifting process to minimise disruption and ensure the safety of nearby structures, utilities, and vegetation.

Environmental Responsibility

At Treehab, we're committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable tree care practices. Our crown lifting techniques focus on enhancing the beauty and functionality of trees while preserving their ecological value. We adhere to industry best practices and regulations to minimise our environmental footprint and promote ecosystem health.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority on every crown lifting job. Our arborists are trained in the latest safety protocols and use specialised equipment to perform tree work at heights safely and efficiently. We take precautions to prevent accidents and minimise risks to personnel and property throughout the lifting process.

Free Assessments

Before carrying out any reduction, our experts assess your trees and how best they can be pruned.

Free Assessments

Competitive Prices 

Treehab offers the most competitive prices for all services.

Prompt & Reliable

We respond promptly to all client enquiries, covering London and the surrounding areas.

Expertise & Experience

Some pruning methods such as topping can be harmful to trees. Our tree surgeons are knowledgeable and have years of experience.

Competitive Prices 

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